LE-LSM Booking Platform User Guide

Language Empire have made some improvements to the online booking platform, in order to help you we have put together a short userguide to help you making bookings.

Open your web browser and go to

To make a booking, please enter your login details into the blue box titled “Log into your LE-LSM Account”. This will be an Account Number, Username and Password. If you do not have this information, you can request it from our Customer Service team via email to: or by phone: 0330 20 20 270.

Please note: The GREEN box is only for Contract Managers/Commissioners. This guide only reflects what is required for the BLUE box.


Once you have signed in, please select which service you require. This will be one of the following dependent upon the services we are contracted to provide for your organisation:

  • Spoken Language Face to Face Interpreting
  • Non-Spoken Language Face to Face Interpreting
  • Document Translation
  • Telephone Interpreting – Scheduled Request
  • Video BSL Request

The biggest change can be seen on the booking form. This has been broken down into 6 sections to make the booking simple.

  1. Your Details Tab
    Enter all your details in the booking form, i.e. which department you work for, your contact details and cost code information, (if required).
  2. Appointment Details Tab
    This next section asks for the Appointment Details, including the date and time you require an interpreter to attend and the duration required etc.You may also request a Block Booking for the same service user by clicking on Additional Dates Required. Please note, this is only to be used for the same service user.
  3. Service User Information Tab
    Enter the Service Users details such as: Initials, Gender, Language, etc.If you know the Name/ID number of a previous linguist you have used, you are able to request them to attend for continuity of care by completing the section below.Please provide us with a Brief Nature of the Assignment and any Additional Information we may need to know.
  4. Venue Details and Professionals Contact Details
    The next section allows you to enter the Venue Details and Details of the Professional who will conduct the appointment.You can add in a venue to the saved addresses, however please ensure this is NOT a service users Home Address.
  5. Alternative Service
    You will also be prompted to authorise if an alternative service would be suitable, i.e. telephone if a Face to Face Interpreter is not available at the requested time/date.
  6. Summary
    You will be given a summary of your booking before you confirm the booking request. Please check through these details.
  7. Booking Confirmation
    Once your booking has been confirmed you will be able to print your request out and you will receive an automated email with the booking acknowledgement, including your unique booking reference number(s).