Customers Guide to Completing an Interpreters Job Sheet

Every appointment you book, when the interpreter arrives they should have with them a Language Empire Job Sheet. As the professional using the interpreter’s services, it is your responsibility to complete this Job Sheet accurately, confirming the interpreter’s attendance.

The Job sheet has a number of different sections, each are explained below.

At the top of every job sheet will be:

The interpreters Name, ID Number, Job Ref Number and who issued the job sheet to that linguist. Please ensure the interpreters ID badge matches the details at the top of this form. If they do not, you must contact Language Empire immediately.

Highlighted by the red box is the linguist’s declaration. Each linguist is expected to read this statement at the start of each appointment to ensure all parties are aware of their responsibility as a professional interpreter.


Highlighted by the orange box, are the job details. Including, Date, Time, Estimated Duration and Language which has been requested

You will see a report time stated on this job sheet, this will always be ten minutes before the scheduled appointment time. This is to ensure the linguist arrives in enough time and is there before the scheduled start time of the appointment

You will also find the Brief Nature of the Assignment, which the interpreter will have used to prepare for the assignment.


Highlighted by the blue box, Customer Details. This includes your Organisation Name, The Contact at the Venue, Venue Address, Client/Patient Initials, and Client/Patient Gender.


Highlighted by the purple box, is for the Interpreter to complete. You are not required to complete any information within this section, as this is for the linguist to complete themselves.


To be completed by yourself/professional using the linguists services.

Part 1 – Confirmation of the completed assignment

  • Did the Non-English speaker arrive for the appointment? – Please indicate Yes/No
  • Arrival Time – The time the linguist arrived
  • Start Time – The time the appointment started
  • Finish Time – The time the appointment finished
  • Waiting Time – Any periods of time in which the linguist is required to wait
  • Break Time – Any breaks which have been taken in which the linguist was not interpreting
  • Print Name – Clearly print/write your name
  • Position – Clearly print/write your position
  • Signature – Your signature to confirm the above information is accurate/correct

Part 2 – Quick Feedback, this asks a number of short questions around the performance of the linguist who attended your appointment. It is important that this section is completed as it allows us to monitor the service you are receiving. Please identify Yes/No to each of the questions asked.


Upon completion of the Job Sheet, the linguist will then return this back to Language Empire in order to claim for the service they provided.

You are not required to keep the job sheet and do not need to make a copy.

Please ensure that where the linguist attends the appointment you complete the job sheet. If the linguist is late and the appointment does not go ahead, you should still complete the form and make a note to identify that the appointment did not go ahead. We are then able to log this through our system.

Please note: Where you have made an Urgent/Short Notice appointment, the interpreter may not have time to print off their job sheet before attending, in this case we ask you to sign a piece of paper detailing their attendance. Please include in this as a minimum:

  • Interpreters name and ID number
  • Language Empire Booking Reference Number
  • The date
  • The Start time of appointment
  • The End time of appointment
  • Your Name
  • Your Position
  • Your Contact Number
  • Your Signature